1000ml Power Gel

A simple yet flexible and reliable application that protects electrical installations. A 2-component gel in bottles, individually dosable all-in-one solution with mixing cup and spatula included.

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Suitable for:
● Sealing of connection covers and lamp housings
● Connections of lighting installations
● Protects electrical connections on vibrating household devices
● Installation of branch and connection boxes
● Electrical cable protection in flexible tubes
● Protection of electrical installations with high humidity levels and temperatures

Product benefits

  • Individually dosable
  • All-in-one solution including mixing cup and spatula
  • Reclosable bottles allow multiple applications and storage
  • Vibration damping and flexible
  • Seals and protects all electrical installations
  • Application areas
  • Branch and connection boxes
  • Protection against moisture
  • Protection class IP 68 in suitable housing
  • Indoor areas (also with high humidity levels)
  • Outdoor For electrical systems up to 1 kV

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