Connected Lighting

Connected Lighting

Simplify your Light! Bluetooth technology makes modern lighting control incredibly simple. All sorts of light sources can be interconnected, set, adjusted and operated quickly and easily via app. Lights on all sides of the building are clustered into lighting groups and synchronised in hardly any time whatsoever. Now choose your favourite light from our 100 and more Bluetooth-compatible Connect spots, Cube lights and floodlights.


Bluetooth Mesh

Rather than the complication of laying cables, Bluetooth Mesh makes easy work of interconnecting several lights via the STEINEL Connect app to create lighting groups.

Lighting Intelligence

Intelligent network. Foolproof connectivity combined with intelligent control provides the key to even greater energy savings and efficiency. High sensor density and connectivity permit intelligent lighting control with elevated potential savings. Intelligent lighting control has never been easier.

Bluetooth IoT

Analytics & Monitoring
Luminaires and sensors provide data on usage times and energy consumption for analysing and assessing efficiency.

Services & Apps
Apps and digital services developed with a specific application in mind help to utilise data in everyday routine.

The data for all products can be provided and processed via a cloud system.

The Intelligent Benefits to you!