In Surface Power Modules



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  • PANDORA offers a near flush circular profile when closed and additional wireless charging when you specify PANDORARC. The unique rotating feature of PANDORA allows for 360° socket access, making it both convenient and user-friendly.

  • Low-profile design in-surface power unit with a “Floating Design” which makes for elegant, accessible in-surface power.

  • PIP

    A tiny single power module with a 60mm aperture and with a depth of only 44mm,  ideal for integrating power into small spaces.

  • Power and Data unit with a tiny standard 80mm cut-out suited to installation in a wide range of furniture.

  • 4-in-1 charger with a standard 80mm cutout, providing enough power for 10W of wireless power, AC power and USB A+C or data/AV.

  • A mini Power Unit incorporating a single AC power socket AND Twin USB Fast charger. Suitable for  installation in a wide range of furniture with a choice of decorative bezels available in 11 colours

  • Flush profile power unit to fit surfaces 18 – 32mm proud by just 2mm. Available in two or three gang variants, with standard adjustable side or rear power cord exit

  • A great choice for workstations, touchdown desking, and breakout spaces wHere power and data/AV connectivity is required.

  • POP

    A tiny power module with a 50mm diameter aperture, designed for flush installation in solid interior surfaces.  Available with AC power or USB charging ports.