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On Surface Power Modules

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  • Power Module with modular AC sockets and TUF fast charger

  • Pagoda is an all in one user-accessible AC power,USB charging, data, and AV module suitable for any desk or conference table

  • OE’s desktop PANDA HP pairs power with personality
    available in 8 vibrant colour finishes & a multitude of
    socket configurations, including our 60W high-power USB-C

  • A discreet power module with USB and data charging outlets.  Sutible for providing convenient and discreet services.

  • Unique Sphere desktop power module available in a variety of colours.  Add a bit of fun to your power supply!

  • Easy accessible AC power sockets with USB charging for informal areas, with a unique combination of style and function.


  • Slim and sleek POCO makes the most of your work surface. Less than 2” deep and with bothhorizontal or vertical mounting options

  • A stylish power module with a choice of modular AC sockets, patented TUF-R A+C 25W USB fast charger or data and AV connectivity.