A discreet power module with USB and data charging outlets.  Sutible for providing convenient and discreet services.

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PHASE is ideal for providing convenient and discreet power, USB, and data in offices ,common areas, hotels, airports, and then some. Compact, robust, and unconstrained by convention, you will find PHASE an innovative option for your furniture.

With its concealed mounting bracket and rear or base cable exit, PHASE is an easy-to-install solution for desks, tables, and soft furnishings alike. PHASE is available in white or black with your choice of gray or black socket fascias. The two socket apertures can be fitted with any combination of power, patented TUF-R A+C 25W USB charging, and data.

Stylish, compact & robust design On or under surface mounting options Mount above or below surface Choose a combination of AC power and USB charging


• Choice of AC sockets, AV and data solutions

• Optional TUF 25W / TUF HP 60W USB Charging

• Cord exit through base or back


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