20.5w LS 150 LED Sensor

20.5w LS 150 Sensor Switched LED Floodlight
The powerful LS 150 LED sensor-switched LED floodlight illuminates large areas around the building with a light output of 1760 lm, making it extremely effective in keeping uninvited guests at bay

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With an integrated infrared sensor, this intelligent floodlight reliably illuminates dark spaces with light in a pleasant colour temperature of 4000 K. Using only 20,5 W of power, it also shines in the consumption stakes. As an added bonus, its attractively understated design blends perfectly into any surroundings to provide a look of overall harmony. The robust LED floodlight with aluminium floodlight head is available in black or white.

Infrared sensor with 240° angle of coverage and 12 m reach. Light output 1760 lm, colour temperature 4000 K, power consumption 20,5 W. Robust aluminium floodlight head.

Available in black (05246B) or white (052553w).

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