3 Tips to consider before installing your Detectors

Consider these three tips prior to buying your detectors.

1: Choose the correct detector.

For circulation areas Pir’s are ideal as there is plenty of movement and you need movement & heat to strike these.

For sedentary areas such as libraries and office areas you might consider microwave detectors where the detection pattern is greater than PIR’s and they are more sensitive to smaller movements such as someone typing on a keypad.

Microwave also can give you much longer detection range like our 30 mt version for warehouse, car parks or corridors.

Not forgetting our wall mounted range for back office areas, the no neutral Pir’s & Time lag switches can save you valuable time and expensive rewiring by simply replacing the light switch.

Considering Absence detection over Presence detection can increase your return on savings as well as giving your end under some control such as override off when using projectors etc.

2: Positioning.

Positioning is critical! A common mistake is to mount a ceiling detector to close to the entrance of a office where the installer wants to pick up the end user as they come in, when what they really need to consider is where they will be sitting as regards the detection pattern when they are doing their days work,

Remember a typical detector has a 7 mt foot print, 360 degrees at a ceiling height of 2.8 mts and positioning in a corner or too close to a wall will limit your detection pattern.

Again wall, ceiling or even mounting inside or on the luminaire are options to consider.

3: Programming

Time, sensitivity & lux hold off can be programmed on all detectors. If your using dimming detectors a maintained light level can be programmed to take advantage of the natural daylight adding further savings. Our remote programming controllers allow this to be done from the ground making the installers & facility managers very easy.

Failure to consider these three main headings can lead to failure on site and unhappy clients. We have the experience and are willing to assist you in planning any future projects you may have.

We looks forward to working with you soon!