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Cast Resin Mixing Pack

Two Component PUR Cast Resin Mixing Pack

Cast-resin type EG is suitable for the following types of cables: Low-voltage plastic-insulated and paper-insulated cables rated up to 1kV. Telecommunications and signal plastic-insulated and paper-insulated cables. Suitable for mechanical protection and water-sealing on medium voltage cables.


• Two-component PUR cast resin1 Cast Resin Mixing Pack Image Thumbnail0• In practical and easy-to-use two-chamber bags
• Favourable flow properties
• High hydrolytic resistance
• Resistant to alkaline earth elements
• Stabilized against UV rays
• Halogen-free
• Not harmful to the environment
• Flexibility ensures mechanical stress absorption.
• No fracturing under electrical stress
• Excellent adherence to all cable materials
• No fracturing under mechanical stress
• Low hardening temperature

Shelf Life

• Shelf life: 40 months at ambient temperatures between 15°C and 35°C Tests
• Governmental institute for material testing Darmstadt: DIN VDE 0291
• KEMA, Netherland: report on the MAK value, which lies well below the maximum value of 0.001 ppm, allowed by law.

Product Code: CK133024


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