M12 Cable Joint Kit

4×25 Cast resin straight-through joint for polymeric cables and conductors.
34mm Cable Size
Dimensions L260, D47, H63

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Cellpack cast resin joints offer an overall long-term protection in terms of insulation values and resistance for all kind of cable accessories and cross sections. This is guaranteed by high-grade, unfilled two-component PUR cast resins which are designed for various applications as well as by the shockproof plastic moulds available with or without integrated strain relief. After the hardening process, the cable joints are resistant to mechanical and electrical loads.

Transition Joints:

  • 3-core transition joint
  • From belted cable to polymeric cable without external conductive layer up to 7,2 kV
  • Resistant against chemical influences
  • Longitudinally and transversely watertight
  • High mechanical strength


  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Underground
  • Water
  • Installation ducts

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