QIKPAC CARRY combines our 240Wh li-ion battery and high power USB charging module TUF-HP in a neat, portable housing.

Take your power with you (even outdoors) and keep your devices charged all day without having to find an outlet.

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  • 240wH battery power
  • High Power USB charging outlet
  • Portable carry case for QIKPAC

Product Description

QIKPAC CARRY combines our QIKPAC battery & high power USB module TUF/R®HP for instant 72W charging force – that’s enough to power a laptop! All in a super portable housing, QIKPAC CARRY allows you to be completely mobile – pick up and move to a new location at your convenience.

Grab your coffee & a QIKPAC CARRY & get set for a full day of flexible power. Each QIKPAC battery has enough juice to power your workstation for an entire day and can be easily swapped for a freshly-charged unit when you need it.

Powering a workstation has never been easier with the simple addition of a QIKDOC. Enable cordless power & unlock the freedom to move & change desk configurations, adjusting to meet the needs of every situation & environment. Goodbye, traditional office!