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A tiny high-power USB charging in a compact and versatile design to fit under your desk.

Product Description

Meet PICCOLO – the perfect solution for high-power USB charging! With TUF-HP, our latest evolution in USB charging, powered via our QF30 power supply, PICCOLO delivers up to 60W of power through the USB Type-C port, allowing you to charge laptops without bulky adaptor blocks. And with fast charge capabilities of up to 12W through the USB Type-A port, your phones and tablets will be fully charged in no time!

PICCOLOs  super compact (and super cute) design makes it the perfect fit for any workspace. Mount it on or under your desk using screws, or clamp brackets or adhesive pads or even velcro to your monitor arm – giving you the freedom to provide high-power USB charging wherever it is needed. With the ability to split the USB outlets from the AC/DC power supply, PICCOLO provides class-leading USB charging while minimising the visible footprint.

Upgrade your workspace with the sleek and innovative PICCOLO unit today and enjoy the benefits of high-power USB charging in a compact and versatile design.


•  60W USB-C laptop charging via TUF-HP

•  Designed for use with OE QF30 PSU

•  Option to power via QIKPAC battery