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How it works!

Mainline is suitable for new constructions, renovations and refurbishment projects. It becomes a part of your buildings power infrastructure and can either be installed as part of a ring, radial or a spur.

Buildings, whether they are homes, offices, shops or schools, are full of electrical cabling. They run in the floors, the walls, the ceilings and for the most part, we can only access the electrical network at designated points…the fixed sockets.

Well we think you should have the choice of where and when you access your power. That’s why we invented Mainline. Mainline allows access to the electrical network at any point through our unique, award winning track, coupled with our sleek, ingenious sockets.

The track contains three copper strips (busbars) which represent the live, earth and neutral cables of your network, and houses them in a safe, discreet manner so only accessible through our specially designed sockets.

By inserting one of our power or data sockets into the track and twisting to make a connection, you have access whenever, and wherever you want it. No restrictions, no limitations.

And best of all, all of our country specific sockets work on exactly the same track!

How to add, remove or reposition a socket.

STEP 1  

  STEP 2     

Step 3

Insert socket into the Mainline track Turn the socket 90˚ to safely access power Move or add more sockets as required














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