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Eniscope Real Time Energy Display

Eniscope Real-time Energy Display

The new, ground-breaking Eniscope has a number of bespoke features, which combine together to create the most powerful and sophisticated energy management hardware on the world market. 

The flagship of the Eniscope range is the stunning new Eniscope Hybrid. An installation of a single 8 channel Eniscope Hybrid can ultimately provide:

  • Integral communications hub and web server
  • Up to 8 individual 3-phase or
  • 24 single phase electricity metering points via 0.333mv CT’s
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote or localised set up via PC or MAC
  • Compact footprint measuring only 200mm x 200mm x60mm
  • Easy installation with simple plug-in connectors

The Eniscope Hybrid solution is unique for a number of reasons:

First: Because it has its own on-board meters, powerful internal computer and web-server. This means information can be stored, collated and then exported to the World Wide Web with the utmost convenience, at which point it can be accessed securely from anywhere in the world on a PC, laptop or hand-held device. 

Second: It is a complete plug-and-play solution that can be installed by any competent electrician using safe, low cost 333mV CT’s, and be up and running in a few hours! Furthermore because it is web-enabled it can be upgraded with any software enhancements remotely.

Third: Unlike the so-called ‘smart’ meters, our Eniscope Meters are gathering information and exporting data in REAL, real-time… literally as it happens. It is also measuring ALL the important parameters. Unlike lesser systems… we do not ‘assume’ or ‘guess’ important parameters like voltage… we measure everything with pinpoint accuracy.

Fourth: It’s very flexible... You can start your energy management programme with just one single metering point on either the whole supply – or one area of the building – or even one critical piece of equipment. Thereafter, as you begin to appreciate the benefits of having everything totally transparent you can add sub-metering points as you like and they can be easily integrated together and viewed simultaneously via our Analytics Software.

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