Compact 60W Type C laptop charging module, suitable for mounting on or under a desk with our without the use of screws enabling you to provide high power USB charging outlets anywhere.

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The new PICCOLO unit from OE Electrics, incorporates TUF-HP; OE’s latest evolution in high power USB charging. When combined with an OE QF30 power supply, PICCOLO provides up to 60W through the USB Type-C port, allowing for laptop charging, and up to 12W fast charge through the USB Type-A port; perfect for phones and tablets.

PICCOLO when combined with our QF30 PSU, splits the USB outlets from the AC/DC power supply thereby minimising the visible footprint whilst providing class leading USB charging.

An additional benefit of PICCOLO in combination with the QF30 PSU is the additional safety emanating from being able to locate the AC-DC power conversion separately to the user USB interface.

PICCOLO can be mounted on desk or under desk, using screws, clamp bracket, velcro or adhesive pads. Enabling you to provide high power USB charging outlets wherever they are needed.

  • Unique Reversible Type A connector
  • Multiple mounting options
  • 24-30V DC power input
  • Designed for use with OE QikFit 30 PSU
  • Optimum safety for use in public areas

Click here to view the Piccolo Datasheet

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