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Vitesse light distribution system

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The Vitesse Plus lighting control system adds intelligence and SELV control inputs to our range lighting control systems. Each Vitesse Plus lighting control module has 10 luminaire outputs which can be configured as three channels for switching and dimming.

Built-in Intelligence

With its three switch input connections and three presence detector/photocell inputs the Vitesse Plus lighting control system offers an extremely adaptable way to control up to 10 luminaries. Built-in intelligence allows the system to be configured to users requirements quickly and simply.

Manual Switching

Connecting either latching or retractive switches to the SELV switch inputs on the front of the lighting control module allow the user to manually control the lighting either for absence detection, on/off control or dimming. There are three banks of switch inputs on the front of the lighting control module which can be easily configured to switch all channels together or separately as required.

Dimming Control

The Vitesse Plus lighting control module can be supplied to control luminaires fitted with 1-10v analogue, DSI or DALI ballasts. When dimming ballasts are fitted the lighting control module can control the light output of the luminaires dependent on the amount of natural light available and regulate it accordingly (daylight linking). Vitesse Plus can also manually dim each channel in a user friendly way by using a two position switch rather than an awkward single position switch.

Emergency Lighting Test

A volt-free SELV emergency test input is provided to instigate an emergency test on the lighting control module; this is achieved by connecting a simple key switch; or using our emergency lighting test switch ELT10. 

Corridor Hold

To allow safe local egress lighting a simple corridor hold output is provided via a pluggable connector on the front of the light control module. If any of the control outputs are ‘on’ any other lighting control module connected via the corridor hold output will also be ‘on’. By connecting the corridor hold between Vitesse Plus lighting control modules, simple notional corridor routes can be created.


Choose from the UHS5 for simple detector programming and the UNLCDHS for complete programming of a Vitesse Plus detectors.

Click here to view the Vitesse Product Brochure.


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