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Rapid Control System

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CP's most sophisticated system, Rapid is fully addressable and networkable, combining state of the art technology with an easy to use graphical user interface. It meets the most demanding lighting control applications without the cost and complexity of other systems. Together with our system partners we are able to provide a full turnkey design and commissioning service.


Because of its networkable nature Rapid can be incorporated into a building’s design with ease. Rapid can be configured to control rooms, floors or an entire multi-floor building. Rapid control modules are networked together on each floor, whilst multi floor systems are linked together using Rapid Area Controllers. Rapid offers the design engineer the flexibility to realise a sophisticated, scalable lighting control system.

Highly Flexible

Because Rapid provides full addressability the system is incredibly flexible, it can be added to or reconfigured to suit changing needs over time. Flexibility is further enhanced with a complete range of Rapid PIR and Microwave presence detectors suitable for a wide variety of needs.

Remote Monitoring and Configuration

Rapid can be supplied with a dedicated PC and software which allows the system administrator to quickly and simply monitor/re-configure any part of the lighting system, removing the need to make physical changes within the ceiling void. Event calendar functionality provides the ability to schedule lighting control events for special occasions, cleaning, re-lamping and emergency testing of lights.
Additional optional software in conjunction with DALI EMPRO ballasts allows remote monitoring and testing of emergency light fittings.

Notional Corridors

Turning off lighting in sections of a partially occupied open plan office can be potentially dangerous or cause anxiety for the remaining working staff. Rapid provides a solution by allowing the system administrator to create notional corridors of light, keeping working staff safe and secure whilst providing significant energy savings.

Scene Setting and Recall

Rapid allows the user to create and recall desired room lighting levels. A meeting room for example would require different levels of lighting if it was to be used for a multimedia presentation or a board meeting. Switching between scenes is made simple and convenient with the stylish scene control panel.

Graduated Daylight Linking

In conjunction with Rapid dimming detectors with lux level sensing the system offers sophisticated daylight linking. Rapid is able to reduce the light output of luminaires gradually from lighter areas of a room (adjacent to the windows) to darker areas (away from windows). Rapid saves the maximum amount of energy whilst retaining room occupant comfort levels.

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